Update, Oct. 26, 2015

Dear friends & visitors,

Re: Senryu OS:

I have decided not continue this endeavour, partly for personal reasons, and partly because I just don't see any relevance to modern computing anymore. I haven't visited Haiku's website in months, and unfortunately, it felt good. I don't have the spark, drive, or enthusiasm I used to have about Haiku or this project.

That said, there were around 250 responses to the questionnaire posted here. A fair number of these were developers, and there were some very serious offers, interesting and funny comments, plus the regular spam. 

What I did, was opened up the spreadsheet to those who expressed interest in becoming a Senryu OS director. I am leaving it in the hands of these individuals to decide the possible future of the project. The spreadsheet is open for commenting, so this way, they could organize any advancement of the project.

I stand-by to be able to help in any limited way I can, including financially. Of the 250 responses, about 10% might be spam, so if there were 225 paid members at $30, that would make $6750 in finances a good start (plus myself matching $5000, if the organization reaches $5000 in contributions.

Organizing Haikuware and acquiring BeBits while maintaining both over 8 years was fun while it lasted. Haikuware & BeBits served files over the globe free for this period (before things like Google Drive & Drop Box, etc. existed) and its generous visitors and donors helped further the interests of Haiku OS through many fundraising programs to the tune of >$30,000 USD (several years worth of Haiku's own fundraising efforts) either directly or to developers. There were always heated discussions and debates!  I was happy to meet so many nice people with similar interests, many of whom I continue to keep in touch with. Let's not make this a sob story though, be motivated and turn this project around if it interests you! Donors are ready to spend, and directors are waiting to direct!

Best regards,