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 Published by Jun Suzuki
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 Date Posted:   November 11th, 2000
 Last Updated:   June 26th, 2004
 License: Freeware
 Downloads: 7,073 total; 247 recently
 Page Views: 31,215 total
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8.06 / 10, with 17 votes
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About MediaConverter+:
This is an extended Media Converter application of BeOS R5. Running under BeOS R5 / Zeta RC3 or later for Intel version only! Please recompile Zeta RC1 and RC2 user.

Media Converter+

Version 1.3.0 (June / 26 / 2004)

Copyright 1999, Be Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.
(C)2000-2004 Jun Suzuki
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This is an extended Media Converter application of BeOS R5 and Zeta RC1.
Running under BeOS R5 and Zeta or later for Intel version only!

System Requirements

BeOS R5 for Intel
Zeta RC3

100% BeOS / Zeta Ready PC/AT Compatible Machine


Running faster than original Media Converter.
Direct Encording from MUSIC-CD.
Multiple Launch
Be able to cutting from a part of movie or audio.
Display frame numbers.
Attach second status display.
Attach Icon.
Attach PreView Feature.


1: PreView

Only specification of start point.

Zeta RC1 + SP2:
Didn't work by MediaPlayers BUG.

2: AudioTrack of AVI files

It's uncompressible.
Probably, it is the cause of restriction of MediaKit or codec specification.

3: OggVorbis files

Ogg format output is not correctly recognized to be ogg format,
when there was a same name file at the time of compressing.

For example

Inputfile test.wav
Defaulut output file test.ogg ... Plaing is possible
Existing test.ogg, outputfile is test.ogg 1 ... Plaing is impossible
Probably, it is the cause of restriction of ogg decorder's specification.

Evasion way

test.ogg 1 rename into test.ogg

4: DivX can;t play

In case DivX previewed, it can't play well.
Probably, it is the cause of restriction of DivX specification.

Evasion way

Click MediaPlayer's "Play button" for few times.

Locale File Authers

English and Japanese ... Jun Suzuki
French ... Mr. LoLL.
Italian ... Mr. Mattia Tristo


Ver 1.3.0 Change binary Zeta RC2 to RC3
Attach MIME attribute
Mr. David McPaul made 3ivx interface view.
Ver 1.2.1 Add localefiles
Modify layout routine
Debug Drag & Drop bug ( form Ver1.2.0 )
Ver 1.2.0 Add Zeta RC1 + SP1 LocaleKit surpport.
Ver 1.1.3 Add Save Directory Select Button etc.
Ver 1.1.2 Fixed Video quality setting doesn't work under video-only movie.
Ver1.0.0 Fixed Audio file's status "stereo" and "mono" are upside down

E-mail: please see inside of archive

Details about this version:  (no information provided)

Intel Version - requires R5   (137 KB) 1,123 downloads
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