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 Published by Eugenia Loli-Queru
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 Date Posted:   November 17th, 2000
 Last Updated:   November 17th, 2000
 License: GPL
 Downloads: 382 total; 27 recently
 Page Views: 9,536 total
 User Rating: awaiting 10 votes Give this application a rating
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About KazTools:
This is a collection of four of Kaz's utilities. Except Phantom, the rest three apps are inteded for developers only.

  • KazLib is a package of four reusable software modules that provide some frequently-needed functionality. There is a dictionary module based on red-black trees, a hashing module capable of managing hash tables that grow automatically, and a well rounded module for managing linked lists. Recently, it was added a portable exception handling module. The Kazlib code is very clean, highly portable and contains powerful argument validation and self-checks that help debug your own code. The algorithms are selected for efficiency, and implemented sensibly.
  • Austin: Imagine you are a C programmer working on an application that needs to maintain an ordered sequence of key-value pairs in your program. The need for such an dictionary structure arises quite frequently in programming and it's handy to have a re-usable module which can maintain dictionaries of arbitrary kinds of objects.
    Now suppose that you don't want to be stuck with a particular algorithm, and you don't want to re-implement the dictionary module to change the algorithm. In other words, you want to be able to use different algorithms without changing any code.
    Furthermore, suppose that you want to be able to, at run time, take a dictionary that is already populated with key-value pairs and change its representation and algorithm, such that all of the operations continue to work on the resulting dictionary, and all of its properties are preserved.
    As if that were not enough, suppose, lastly, that you want to have control over memory allocation. You may be writing for an embedded system in which dynamic memory allocation is undesirable.
    Furthermore, you want to aggregate related objects together. Your ideal dictionary module allows you to supply the node objects, and provides only the operations to link these nodes together. This allows you to embed dictionary nodes inside your own data structures, using them as ``holders'' that permit the objects to be linked into dictionaries.
    If these are your requirements, Austin might be just what you need. Austin stands for Astonishing Universal Search Tree Interface Novelty.
  • Phantom Cipher: Phantom is a block cipher that Kaz designed. The rundown: it has a block length of 128 bits, and a key size of 256 bits. A detailed description of the cipher is in the README file in the package.
  • MPP is a macro preprocessor that I wrote because, well, I thought that I could use a better macro preprocessor than the stand-alone macro preprocessors that come with C compilers, the GNU or UNIX m4 program. This app is alpha and not fully functional.

Latest Version
Details about this version:
For future versions, please head on Kaz's website.

Intel Version   (474 KB) 382 downloads
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