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 Published by Jerome Duval
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 Date Posted:   February 27th, 2001
 Last Updated:   February 27th, 2001
 License: GPL
 Downloads: 8,377 total; 163 recently
 Page Views: 32,236 total
 User Rating: awaiting 10 votes Give this application a rating
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About MPEGPlayer:
Simple MPEG Player based on libMPEG3 v1.2.3

It makes use of the LibMPEG3, and read much of formats supported

Thanks To:
Adam Williams (author of libMPEG3)
Carlos Hasan (author of MPEGPlayer 0.1 alpha)

Successfully tested on :
- BeOS/x86 R5
You need libMPEG3 (and pThreads lib)

For a dvd player use, please see the Videolan App
This one can't play dvd, neither encrypted files
Sorry you have to decrypt first
Latest Version
Details about this version:
This version can be unusable on your machine/OS. Please tell me about it with your machine description. Thanks

The libmpeg3 library is needed. It is in the archive and may be placed in /boot/home/config/lib/

Support for MP3, AC3, VOB
Support for MMX, 3dnow but can be optimized

Known bugs:
Black video while sound running, or slow video (depends on configuration)
Some Vobs make the player crash (due to the libMPEG3 version)
Seeking with the mouse don't work, if anyone knows a mean to solve that
Encrypted Vobs can't be read (due to the libMPEG3 version)
It can show more languages than really present in a VOB
Don't support IFO files, direct DVD reading, menus, subtitles, ID3TAG,
Random crashes... too
Play/Pause don't work very well with video streams
Video can only be seen on 16, 24 or 32 bit color screens
Random crashes... it's just a quick port of libMPEG3 :-)

Intel Version - requires R5   (105 KB) 8,377 downloads
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