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 Published by Rudolf Cornelissen
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 Date Posted:   June 25th, 2001
 Last Updated:   December 23rd, 2002
 License: Other Open Source License
 Downloads: 15,748 total; 901 recently
 Page Views: 54,734 total
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About BeTVOut:
This app/driver provides TVout functionality (NTSC/PAL) on videocards with Nvidia's RIVA TNT (and above). Works with Chrontel, Brooktree and Conexant TVout chips.

Start BeTVOut from a Terminal window.

The enclosed driver is used to interface directly to the RIVA and Chrontel, Brooktree or Conexant TVout chips.
(The videodriver is 'bypassed' for a large part.)
Latest Version
Details about this version:
BeTVOut is listed at SourceForge. Look at our site there for more info. Sourcecode is available through CVS and in a separate download.

Note please that V0.120 has been online since 27 april 2002. If you already downloaded this app from BeBits after that date, you already have this version installed.

Note also that I have added Kevin's alpha video consumer node including sourcecode below. It's working if you have both a Matrox card and a supported Nvidia card installed. However: it's unsupported and largely untested: you use it at your own risk. It might be a good example of how to setup a node yourself though if you are a programmer...

BeTVOut application V0.120 - 27 april 2002
- Autodetect connection status updated: Did not work properly on CX chips;
- Minor 'bugfix' release (V0.119). Increases output quality on some cards.

Included in downloads:
MK-MediaPlayer by Kevin Patterson.
This (alpha quality) mediaplayer plays back the video stream via the media consumer node selected in the Media Preferences panel. It does not need BeTVOut to be able to work.

Known issues:
(These issues are chipset specific and cannot be overcome...)
- VGA picture is a bit truncated on the left and right side with dualhead clone NTSC 800x600 mode with systems that use a Brooktree chip (so does not apply for Chrontel systems).
- VGA picture is a bit truncated on the left and right side with dualhead clone NTSC 720x480 mode with systems that use a Chrontel chip (so does not apply for Brooktree systems).
- (Horizontal) overscan ratios are not (exactly) right for DVD modes with Chrontel chips: PAL overscans too little while NTSC overscans too much. This does not apply for Brooktree chips.

For the best TVout experience in non-standard Desktop modes you would best use a videocard with Brooktree or Conexant CX TVout chip.
Also note please that picture quality on VGA and TV may be less than optimal if you use a 'no-name' VGA card. This is due to the specific circuit board design of such a card.

Any Processor - requires R5   (832 KB) 3,399 downloads
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Kevin's video consumer node for Nvidia cards
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Intel Version - requires R5   (175 KB) 1,302 downloads
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sourcecode for BeTVOut V0.120, riva_iic V0.23, riva_iic V0.13, G
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Intel Version - requires R5   (75 KB) 1,870 downloads
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executables of BeTVOut V0.120, riva_iic V0.23 and MK-MediaPlayer
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