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BeAndSee 0.5
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 Published by Sergei "fyysik" Dolgov
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 Date Posted:   July 19th, 2001
 Last Updated:   August 2nd, 2001
 License: Freeware
 Downloads: 6,720 total; 179 recently
 Page Views: 25,107 total
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8.62 / 10, with 26 votes
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About BeAndSee 0.5:
BeAndSee 0.5 freeware. Only BeOS image Browser/Viewer with neat Preview pane. Has both Tumbnail and FolderVIew modes.


Advanced BeOS image Viewer/Browser with tumbnail and folder list views, small and big previews in main window. Allows to open image in separate window with independent navigation and image processing.
Started by Hugo Santos'(, BeAndSee application(

It is only main application, so you should use all plugin-goodies from old 0.45 version.
I admire titanic work done by Hugo Santos, author of inital version of BeAndSee.
Special thanks to "soco" (^geo^ on IRC) amd Mikael "tic" for programming help,
and to "ecczi" and Richard Doyle for permanent testing and feedback.

Has support for images on ISO CD (and other non-BFS volumes)(thanks to Mikael "tic"!).
Be carefull, and check that translators for .BMP' '.GIF' '.JPG' '.TGA' '.PSD' '.TIF' '.PCX' '.EPS' really exist in your BeOS-system. Otherwise you may experience crashes when attempting to view some of those fromats!
Also to allow BeOS recognize images on ISO CD you should set in BeMenu->Preferences->FileTypes->Images all needed extensions for required image file types. Better in various form - e.g. GIF, Gif, gif. Without this action BeAndSee can list images, but cannot open.

NB! - Forcing image recognition on non-mime aware volumes by extensions is quite risky bussiness. Despite here is no risc to lauch "I_Love_You.jpg.exe" virus, some badly formed images in this situation can crash BeAndSee and even send you to KDL.

Sergei "fyysik Dolgov,
BeNews Russia ( editor
Latest Version
Details about this version:
Last Release Candidat (i hope). All new features will be addressed to 0.5* - 1.0.
Still waiting for translation updates (German, Spanish e t c)
1)more "mad-clicking" proof.
2)compiled with optimization

Despite keyboard navigation in TreeView isn't implemented yet, attempts to use it there caused crash. Fixed.

Release Candidat 3 news:
In attempt to fix rare weirdnes happened by mad clicking on still downloading tumbnails (discovered by Shard), both tumbnail loading and BigPreview code was rewritten.
Now B&C initially preloads tumbnails' placeholders - to allow you work immediatelly and then loads tumbnail bitmaps in background.

Release Candidat 2 news:
Restored "Tumbnail Cache" feature in Preferences. It is a little bit
doubtful, because it works on BFS volumes only and adds to image
files new attribute - just tumbnail bitmap. So it consumes additional
HDD space (tumbnail width*height*4 bytes per image) - until you
remove file itself. But it works damn fast on BFS in tuumbnail view
with this feature! (On once visited folders) Go into preference panel
and make your choice about it! (It has effect after B&C restart).

1)Crasher in "Undo" fixed (i hope)
2) Occasional crasher on exit fixed
3) Occasional crashers in "Save/Move To.." file panels fixed.
4) Save/Move FilePanel improved - now starts from current folder
and shows selected name in "Save" view.
5)French translation by Claude Josi ( added
6) Russian translation

Just quick fix of crasher in plugin/Effects menu. Still problems
with Undo (if more than one-step deep)

Release Candidate Preview:
1)Fast start
2) Ready to localization - see included "
Localization0.5RC_README" for instructions.

Intel Version - requires R5   (293 KB) 4,614 downloads
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