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 Published by ahwayakchih
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 Date Posted:   March 2nd, 2003
 Last Updated:   January 31st, 2005
 License: See Below
 Downloads: 11,148 total; 810 recently
 Page Views: 57,803 total
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8.83 / 10, with 18 votes
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About LibPak:
LibPak is a collection of the latest libraries that exist for BeOS, in one handy package. Why? So that you don't have to go hunting them down. ;)

LibPak is useful because it solves a few issues that people have with using BeOS and third party applications.

By packaging all of the libraries into one convenient, regularly updated package, you are assured that most of the applications you will ever install will run smoothly.

LibPak aims to update it's package in the following manner:
- Individual libraries that have been updated will be available on the LibPak homepage, every monday.
- The LibPak package will be released on BeBits on the first monday of every month.

With this in mind, you can be assured that for 99% of the applications that need a specific library, it will just work.

As for developers. It is our intention to get everyone onto the same playing field, so that when you build your application, we can -all- know that you are using the latest and greatest libraries, and there is no funny business going on. It is very unfortunate when a user downloads your application and it doesn't work because it was built against an old library. Please, if you want to help the user, and the BeOS Community, please try to keep up with the latest library changes when they happen.
Latest Version
Variation description:
User package contains dynamic libraries required by many applications and games.

Details about this version:
WARNING: This is BETA. If You have filedlg ( installed, You'll be able to change target folder for installation. Unfortunetly Uninstall script doesn't handle multiple installations yet - it will uninstall all installations from /boot partition.
Also backup creation doesn't handle multiple installations properly, so if You want to make several installations better backup /boot/home/config/settings/LibPak/ folder after each install :(

Version 1.6 beta contains following libraries (because of changes in how installation is handled all packages were changed since last release, even if version number didn't change):
allegro 4.1.12
almp3 2.0.4
alogg 1.3.5
art 2.3.16
curl 7.12.3
dl 0.8
dumb 0.9.2
expat 1.95.8
fblend 0.5 beta01 (a.k.a CVS 20020501)
flac 1.1.1
freetype 2.1.9
gettext 0.14.1
glob 2.0
iconv 1.9.2
jgmod 0.9.9
jpeg 6b+
lcms 1.14
mikmod 3.1.10
ogg 1.1
openssl 0.9.7e
paragui 1.0.4
physfs 1.0.0
png 1.2.8
pthread 08 February 2000
sdl 1.2.8
sdl_gfx 2.0.13
sdl_image 1.2.4
sdl_mixer 1.2.5
sdl_net 1.2.5+
sdl_sound 1.0.1
sdl_ttf 2.0.7
sge 030809
smjpeg 0.2.1
smpeg 0.4.4
tiff 3.7.1
vorbis 1.0.1
xml2 2.6.16
xslt 1.1.12
z 1.2.1

Please let me know about results.
I know install/uninstall process is horribly slow, that will be fixed when i'll jump from bash to compiled installer :).

README file contains outdated informations, it would be great if some english-native speaker could update it and send to me.

Intel Version - requires R5   (6.9 MB) 3,470 downloads
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for Developers
version 1.6 beta - Other Open Source License 
Variation description:
Developer package contains those same libraries as User package plus header files and config scripts for some libraries (if provided by libraries authors).

Details about this version:
Read Users package info (LibPak's version above) for changes.

Intel Version - requires R5   (9.89 MB) 1,056 downloads
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