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 Published by Team Maui
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 Date Posted:   August 4th, 2004
 Last Updated:   September 21st, 2004
 License: Artistic License
 Downloads: 797 total; 87 recently
 Page Views: 10,837 total
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About BeBoCon:
Configurator-script for BeBochs.

When you know the PC-emulator BeBochs, you also know its configfile (.bochsrc).
It's not really easy to understand and configure it to your needs - but in order to get BeBochs running, you need to have a working configfile.

BeBoCon is a executable script, that gives you the possibility to create your own Bochs-configfile in a few steps, matching your needs.

It is still no childs-play, but it might be easier, while every step is explained.

Please Note: The BeBochs-version in Zeta-RC3 doesn't work at all! In that case, please use the one from Bebits (see related links)

Please try it! Let us know, if there are still problems!
PLEASE VOTE AND SEND FEEDBACK for this app! Thank you.
Latest Version
Details about this version:
BeBoCon now checks, if there is a floppy-drive installed in your machine.
If so, you can choose either using that real floppy or a (floppy-)imagefile as a floppy-drive in BeBochs.
If not, you can still choose the imagefile variant.

When you have created a configfile with BeBoCon once, you'll see an "Options"-button on the next launch of BeBoCon.
In these options you can now either change the bootdrive or just restore (as usual) the original configfile.

Have fun with BeBoCon and BeBochs!

Intel Version - requires R5   (30 KB) 522 downloads
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