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 By BeSman - Posted on November 7, 2009 - 07:50:01   (#23240)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
Someone try send a mail to autor for this question

small bug
 By brian21 - Posted on May 11, 2008 - 16:50:57   (#22789)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
When streaming opening the playlist window will cause the application to stop responding. Ive had the same results on dano and r5.

plugin problem...partially solved
 By redmecca - Posted on April 11, 2008 - 22:32:24   (#22705)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
thanks to all for the tips. the system is R5 + BONE 7a. the problem was occurring even when running soundplay or artpaint right after booting with no other apps running. i removed a handful of user addons and this brought back all my soundplay plugins and artpaint addons. however, running firefox and then soundplay knocked it back down to 5 or 6 plugins again. starting soundplay first and then firefox seems ok. i ran both just fine for months with no issues like this so there's still something going on...

plugin problem
 By tonestone57 - Posted on April 11, 2008 - 21:11:34   (#22704)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
Since it sounds like you are having problems in many programs.

I'd suggest running chkbfs -f (checkbfs?). Likely your file system is corrupted.

If the file system checks out. Then trying only running one Program at a time to see if you still have issues. Still not working right, then run a memory and hard drive tester to see if your hardware is failing, etc.

Re: addon limit
 By mmu_man - Posted on April 11, 2008 - 14:36:51   (#22702)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
It was bumped up in zeta but not totally removed.
I suppose you run Firefox also... :)

... 32mb add-on limit?
 By mmadia - Posted on April 11, 2008 - 05:03:01   (#22699)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
Sounds like it might be the 32mb add-on limit in R5.
(i'm not sure if this was fixed in 5.1d0 or a certain version of zeta)

Which OS are you using?
What apps are open at the same time?

... what else could be using the add-on memory?
tracker add-ons? everything in /boot/beos/system/add-ons + ~/config/add-ons ?

plugin problem
 By redmecca - Posted on April 11, 2008 - 00:19:20   (#22697)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
wondering if anyone can help with this. all of a sudden i'm only getting 4 or sometimes five out of many filter plugins in the folder, and only a partial list of visualisations as well. i've reinstalled, trashed preferences and so on with no success. i'm stumped. i don't know if there could be any connection but this seemed to coincide with some other problems-add-ons in ArtPaint not showing up, tabs missing in Boneyard on occasion, VLC sound problems. anyone?

I third the motion...
 By leavengood - Posted on December 20, 2006 - 08:42:33   (#21066)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
As a Haiku developer I know it would be very helpful if SoundPlay was kept up to date and maintained for the future. If the best option for that is open sourcing it, I think the BeOS and future Haiku community would be greatful.

I second that motion.
 By looncraz - Posted on December 20, 2006 - 04:16:27   (#21064)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
The code would be absolutely invaluable to the community. I, for one, would like to add window shaping support for Dano ( and hopefully Haiku ) systems.

And perhaps a SoundPlay theme format, to allow the features of SoundPlay to standout against other inferior media players, where they belong. If we want Haiku to succeed, and succeed very well, we will need this app to be updated and improved at a faster rate than is currently revealing itself.

It is my hope that Haiku R1 will be a shocker for those who doubt its success. And R2 to be a Linux killer. R3, who knows? :-)

Maybe a team can be assembled to work on SoundPlay, without releasing the code publicly, if that would help. Discussion of profits would then, naturally, need to be had. But I am confident that reasonable people can come to a reasonable agreement on the matter.

Just my cash, hopefully well spent.

--The loon

open thy source
 By nutela - Posted on December 19, 2006 - 23:45:24   (#21063)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
Since Haiku is coming along nicely and it's rather evident Zeta will never have a comparable mediaplayer har har! Would't you be willing to open source soundplay to get it along into the next millenium ;-)

No seriously I'd really like to fix at least 2 things;
1. reseting the pitch after each song
2. improving the VST wrapper, XRS has a much better one

And yes I still love and use BeOS :-)))) ! (and especially soundplay my nr. 1 used app)

"Encoder too slow" message in SoundPlay/LAME
 By wtro - Posted on May 10, 2006 - 19:03:13   (#19695)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
I was wondering if someone might be able to shed some light on this... I'm running a radio station using TuneTracker 3 on Zeta 1.1, and for some reason, SoundPlay keeps giving me random "Encoder too Slow" messages, and my streams stop. One stream is 24k mono and the other is 128k Stereo.

I'm not sure if it's SoundPlay or LAME 3.88 causing the problem. Any help greatly appreciated!

Mike Rickman
WTRO Radio

re: nice for pls
 By matjako - Posted on May 9, 2006 - 07:13:31   (#19683)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
Set the filetype to text/x-playlist, you can open your file with FileTypes and choose 'Soundplay Playlist'.

nice for pls...
 By cvincent - Posted on May 8, 2006 - 22:18:08   (#19682)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
ok that work but not if i try to open direct with firefox, he still save the file as text file !

set file type in two steps
 By rala - Posted on April 21, 2006 - 19:25:24   (#19548)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
right click the pls file - select file type addon -
select audio - then shoutcast playlist and save.
close file type addon.
right click again - select file type addon again -
select soundplay as preferred app and save again.
you are done now.
selecting both without saving and closing between the two steps didn't work for me.

web radio and pls files
 By cvincent - Posted on April 21, 2006 - 18:25:01   (#19547)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3

some web radio give a *.pls file but soundplay not now wahet make with it !!!
can you add this function to listen more web radio !

 By looncraz - Posted on July 23, 2005 - 19:52:58   (#17298)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3

The problem with B5 and SoundPlay is a faulty decoder. I cannot recall the exact decoder at this time, though. You should be able to find PhOSB5Fixes or PhOSAudioFixes or PhOSFixes or something to that effect on BeShare.

It will contain some replacement files, that will cure that problem and I think about nine others that were related.

E-mail me and I can supply the patch, I am not at home right now.

--The loon

Re: Sounplay problem in PhOSb5
 By marcone - Posted on July 23, 2005 - 17:38:50   (#17297)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
(1) Don't use PhOS. Use R5, Zeta, or if you must, the leaked illegal 'Dano'.
(2) You might want to try removing SoundPlay's preferences files (move or rename the files in /boot/home/config/settings/PrefServer/). If that doesn't help, see step (1).

Sounplay problem in PhOSb5
 By alphaouter - Posted on July 5, 2005 - 02:52:20   (#17104)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
I have been previously using Soundplay in PE_MaxeditionV3.1b1, but now in PhOS. Every time I start a file with Soundplay the application then totally exits. It doesn't seem to matter what the file is or how it is started (Open with, double clicking, drag n drop or open from Soundplay). This is happening with the latest version along with the second latest (4.9.3, 4.9.1). I don't know about other versions. Any solutions for a great application?

Re: Streaming from soundplay to Shoutcast Server
 By marcone - Posted on May 8, 2005 - 20:49:52   (#16556)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
To stream from SoundPlay to a shoutcast server that you control, simply enable the "RelayPort" and "RelayServer" options in the shoutcast server's config file, then restart the shoutcast server. The shoutcast server will connect to SoundPlay and re-stream what SoundPlay is streaming.

Updated oggenc
 By Sabin - Posted on April 26, 2005 - 10:04:16   (#16421)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
I posted a link to an updated version of vorbis-tools in the comments for Ogg Shell Tools ( and will make it more readily accessible as soon as I fix a small linking issue.

Streaming from soundplay to Shoutcast Server
 By Riplee - Posted on April 25, 2005 - 18:25:38   (#16420)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
Is anyone out there using Soundplay as a frontend to the Shoutcast server? I would love to use my Be machine to stream to a Shoutcast server that is running locally on my network. I can use the Winamp/Shoutcast DSP frontend and it works fine, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the Shoutcast server to "accept" my Live Encoder stream and make it available on Shoutcast.
I hope this makes sense to someone out there...essentially I want to use Soundplay as a frontend for a Shoutcast station.
Any ideas?

 By nutela - Posted on April 15, 2005 - 12:57:38   (#16370)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.3
Bah I dunno which Ogg version from bebits to take, outdated and missing links. Does anyone want to recomend me to compile the sources myself?

I wonder if it suffices to have an old version of oggenc but have it linked to a newer lib, like those in LibPak?

Re: asf & wma
 By mmu_man - Posted on December 4, 2004 - 12:12:03   (#14950)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
ffmpeg supports WMA1 & WMA2 codecs for reading, yes, and reading asf files, however remember that's crap from M$, and that DRM certainly won't be supported. using such formats only goes the side M$ wants to later put DRM on everything which we won't be able to play then.
FFDecoders supports WMA in AVI files btw.

asf & wma
 By BePage - Posted on December 4, 2004 - 02:38:17   (#14946)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
I have no file to test but as far as I can remember ffmpeg can read wma.

 By marcone - Posted on December 4, 2004 - 02:21:14   (#14945)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
It looks like in order to support that, support for the MMS protocol, the ASF stream-format, and the WMA audio format would be needed. That's a lot of things...

me too
 By BePage - Posted on December 3, 2004 - 22:48:58   (#14943)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
I would like to see that working too!

Support for mms://-streams
 By Hugh - Posted on December 3, 2004 - 11:39:54   (#14942)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
It would be cool if SoundPlay supported mms://-streams.

I know that it's another sucky proprietary format "invented" by MS, but it's used by my favorite station (I'll tell them to use shoutcast:), and there is documentation on it:
and a Linux-xine-plugin:

The test-URL:

Any chance this gets implemented for the next update, pretty please? :)

re: avs
 By marcone - Posted on November 24, 2004 - 21:42:51   (#14849)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
I assume you're talking about the Advanced Visualization Studio that WinAmp has. That does not appear to be hardware-accelerated at all (and the 2D acceleration found on most cards wouldn't help there anyway). Even overlays don't give you that much benefit. Most of the work is still done by the CPU.

That being said, SoundPlay's plugin API is open, so go for it.

 By goopee - Posted on November 23, 2004 - 19:45:17   (#14836)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
now that a ton of cards have hardware 2d acceleration what are the odds of overlay based avs visulaizations? or something equally modular and algorithm based?

More money
 By ryanknapper - Posted on November 23, 2004 - 19:16:15   (#14835)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
As a proud licensee of the current version, I will happily pay for a 5.0 version, should such a thing be made.

<3 SoundPlay
 By Androo - Posted on November 23, 2004 - 08:33:02   (#14831)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.2
Thank you marcone for your continued support of the BeOS community; it wouldn't be the same without your contribution.

Re: Shoutcast
 By marcone - Posted on November 19, 2004 - 07:19:50   (#14795)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1
The stream you mention is technically corrupt: the packet-length is set incorrectly on most mp3 packets. I'll see if I can put in a workaround that doesn't break other streams.

BTW, if you send email you'll probably get a quicker response than by posting a comment here.

 By sarana - Posted on November 5, 2004 - 02:13:48   (#14640)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1
Hi, Marco.

I am currently using CL-Amp to listen to some Shoutcast radio streams because Soundplay will not play them. Some shoutcast stations work just fine on Soundplay, I have just found it more inconsistent than CL-Amp in this respect.

I imagine others might have some issues as well. I would LOVE for Soundplay to have better success with these streams, as I would LOVE to have Soundplay be my default music/radio player, especially since it seems to be the only multi-purpose audio player for BeOS still in development, (we'll see how Zeta's new application works in R1)

Here is one station I am having trouble with in Soundplay. If you want all of them, let me know, and I will e-mail you the stations I care about.

Here is one, for example,

I have tried ordering the decoders in SoundPlay preferences window without success.

In any case, thanks again for continuing development of this application.

Search playlist?
 By Ram - Posted on October 25, 2004 - 13:52:07   (#14504)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1
I have a very large playlist and i sometimes forget which files i have added in my ever-growing collection..

A search playlist option would be nice.

 By Ram - Posted on October 24, 2004 - 13:37:58   (#14495)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1
SoundPlay crashes when I double-click immediately after boots... Maybe its because the media_server isn't running yet, because the startup sound comes only after a few seconds after the crash...

Here is the stack crawl..

loading symbols
segment violation occurred
MasterSubscriber::MessageReceived(BMessage *):
+0102 8003af46: * 08468b movl 0x00000008(%esi), %eax
frame retaddr
fcffb6f4 ec19a9c0 BLooper::DispatchMessage(BMessage *, BHandler *) + 0000007c
fcffb70c ec190001 BApplication::DispatchMessage(BMessage *, BHandler *) + 000006e5
fcffb934 ec198a39 BLooper::task_looper(void) + 0000043d
fcffbc00 ec191d2c BApplication::Run(void) + 0000005c
fcffbc14 80035e4f main + 000012c7
fcffc704 800341e4 _start + 00000060

Also a feature request:
How about an option in Save Playlist to save to the current playlist than asking for the filename each time?

Also how about a Don't Save Most Recent Files ?

Always on Top
 By sarana - Posted on October 5, 2004 - 01:39:04   (#14318)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1

I don't see how to make SoundPlay Always-On-Top. I know how to do it from the command line with hey:

hey SoundPlay set Feel of Window 0 to 6 &

although, I would prefer a function on board soundplay somehow, so I am making a request for it.

One more thing, I would also like in the list of options when you click on the soundtrack title, where you get that dropdown list with "Playlist and playlist editor" etc. an option for recently played songs. I seem to want that quite a bit for whatever reasons.

As always, thanks for keeping SoundPlay going with updates.


mp3 decoder and another request
 By sarana - Posted on September 19, 2004 - 04:54:15   (#14214)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1
Hi, Marco, thanks for being so prompt about your responses.

I, however, am not so prompt. Sorry about that. About the last message you sent in talkback, I tried to repeat the error and it worked fine. Next time I will try to reproduce them to see if they are consistent before I post I guess.

Anyway, I decided to post because of a nagging issue I have with Soundplay's playlist. I often randomize my files in the playlist, (and thank you for fixing the sort by name speed by the way) and the issue I have is when I try to find where my current file is playing in the newly randomized playlist. The arrow on the left side of the playlist is quite difficult to notice if you are using the scrollbar quickly, and I always have long playlists, so I find myself scrolling slowly through using the scroller on my mouse everytime I randomize. I understand that you may not want to change the function of the highlighting of files in the playlist. Perhaps another more easily visible way of indicating the currently playing file. Perhaps a different color, or an dark outline around the row where the file resides in the playlist.

The other option, of course, is to simply have the currently playing file not be moved visually when you randomize, or use any of the other sorting options you offer, so there is need to search for it.

In any case, thank you for continuing to work on this.

re: bug or something
 By marcone - Posted on August 26, 2004 - 16:47:29   (#13978)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1
That's actually a crash inside the BeOS system MP3 decoder, not in SoundPlay. Is it reproducible by just playing that same mp3 again? (i.e. is the mp3 corrupt?)

All workspaces and a bug or something
 By sarana - Posted on August 26, 2004 - 10:48:10   (#13973)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1
Hey, Marco,

I haven't gotten back to you yet about a sorting issue. When I figure out how to word it so it is clear, I will.

I wanted to request a feature. I like having Soundplay on all my workspaces. The thing is, I would like the option of having Soundplay remember that I had it on all the workspaces after I shut it down. It's no big deal, really, still just a nice thing would be to have it open on all workspaces.

Another thing. I had two playlists open at once, just finished creating a new one. Then I tried to get Soundplay onto all workspaces, and then it crashed. Here's what I got:

loading symbols
invalid opcode occurred
MPEGAudioDecoder::Decode(void *, long long *, media_header *, media_decode_info *):
+00fc ea0f78cc: * ff .byte 0xff
06 Ando como hormiguita.-loader:sc
frame retaddr
fd3159e8 ec4b4330 BMediaDecoder::Decode(void *, long long *, media_header *, media_decode_info *) + 00000038
fd315a08 8006cb8e MP3Reader::Read(char *, unsigned long) + 00000072
fd315b08 8006c0f1 read(void *, char *, unsigned long) + 00000021
fd315b20 8004460e filenum(void) + 00000572
fd315b58 80044004 viewdump(BView *, int) + 00000fb0
fd315b88 80043945 viewdump(BView *, int) + 000008f1
fd315c2c 800436e1 viewdump(BView *, int) + 0000068d
fd315c3c ec05032c thread_start + 00000038
06 Ando como hormiguita.-loader:

Thanks for you work.

Hum ... AAC...
 By cvincent - Posted on August 18, 2004 - 11:58:55   (#13894)
 Current version when comment was posted: 4.9.1

Just like to know if AAC support is planned or not, i don't have levele to work on a codec.
CKJ - Vincent Cedric

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